Digital Curation.

This post will not cover definitions of Digital Curation, but will explain how and why I personally use digital curation tools. I utilise a number of tools privately and have some that I also share publicly.  The tools I use publicly are, Storify and Pinterest. The how I use each of these tools is very different, however the why I think is similar for each of them or at least has a basic underpinning theme.

I love to ‘collect’ information and resources and wanted to find ways that I could gather the information together to make them useful to myself. Hence I started playing around with lots of tools. My initial motivation you can see was focussed on how I can gather information for myself. The result; a very large collection of resources and information collected together in various places. However as my resources grew and my networks developed I realised that this information could be of interests to others. Initially my thoughts where about other OT’s etc, but my desire to share this information with non OT’s also grew. Therefore I explored how I could gather information together that would be accessible to everyone (well everyone online at least). The ability for people without an account to access information is important to me as I do not wish to compel individuals to set up accounts to access the my collections.

I have been using since August 2011, I utilise to collate mostly news stories about Occupational Therapy. I do also add in a few other bits and pieces, blog posts and ideas etc.  This is generally because they have sparked a thought process or an idea that I have or intend to progress further. Sometimes it is just because I have found something interesting.

I have found to be a user friendly tool. Within in curate mode, you can set up searches so that items of interest to your chosen topic are automatically identified for you. Other members of the community can also suggest items for inclusion in your Neither of these methods are automatically published to your so you can choose to scoop or discard. has a handy button which I have installed on my desk top and lap top, which enables me to also scoop anything from the web.

Although I do have both laptop and a desk top computers, mobile integration is essential to me as I often use my tablet or phone for my general reading. also has a great app that I have on my tablet and phone. So I can share information from anywhere to my It really is that simple. also enables me to share resources to my various networks.

Please take a look at my and let me know what you think?


The way in which I use Storify has tended to be with a specific event or topic in mind. I have utilised Storify as an individual Helen OTUK and also as part of the #OTalk/#Occhat group. I have published Storifys when following conferences from twitter. Storify has enabled me to capture the tweets and add other information to expand on the limited information available in 140 characters. For example I was not able to attend the College of Occupational Therapist Annual conference in 2011 so was watching with keen interest what was ‘coming out’ in social media. I found the twitter feed sparking my interest, but limited in detail. However, by combining the tweets with news stories and peoples other posts etc I was able to get a much more tangible insight to the proceedings.  What do you think? COT Conference 2011.

Storify has also been a useful tool for collaborative working, I was working with James Lampert (@UK_James on Twitter) on a multi-disciplinary conference and tweet chat focussing on falls prevention. I was not present at the daytime conference, however followed closely to capture the tweets and resources that where shared throughout the day. Storify enabled me to do this in real time and resulted in a great Falls Prevention Resource. #Fallschat February 2013.

Both the above examples show how Storify enables a range of resources including tweets, documents, videos, pictures and web pages to be collated to produce a rich and varied media resource. I also feel that Storify is a good way to collate just tweets from an event, for example here I only utilised tweets in relation to OT Week (UK) 2012. ( I may have slipped a couple of other resources in).

I have found it to be a great tool to gather a wide range of web based resources together to present a story. I find Storify to be a simple tool to use, with search facilities across a range of social media forums. I also like the URL linking so pretty much anything is accessible. I have found it a bit limited on my mobile devises, able to read and explore Storifys but not so good for creating. This has probably influenced how I use this tool. It can be a bit ‘buggy’ but a little patience goes a long way.

Do you have other ideas of how I can explore the use of Storify? do let me know.


Pinterest is another curation tool which I am starting to use. I can see some great uses, however with time limitations as they are I have not fully engaged with this yet and hope to expand my use of Pinterst in the future. I will therefore save this for another post once I have better established how I will utilise Pinterest.

As always please share your thoughts on how I am utilising these tools. I look forward to hearing from you.



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